Technical Consultant

Nathalie Hendriks is often invited to provide feedback for technical aspects of a material. Questions like; “Does this material meets the requirements?” “Can we make improvements within the current production facilities?” “What are the environmental impacts of this material or production step?” “Where can we make improvements to make this product more sustainable?” Hendriks can provide detailed information about limitations and provide clarity on how each company can meet their objectives.

NHtextileDD is here to help you! Nathalie Hendriks is also experienced in interpreting technical reports and explaining them in terms everyone can understand, providing useful cost saving measures so objective decisions can be reached regarding each textiles. Hendriks has extensive knowledge of textile production techniques, obtained from a leading The Dutch research institute TNO in Enschede.  Adept at testing textiles and bringing textile trainees up to speed; teaching them the latest environmental impact of fibers and processing techniques. 

Consultant - Completed projects and current projects include:

Delft Technical University - Industrial Design Engineering

Since 2005 Nathalie Hendriks has provided design education at Delft Technical University. Hendriks finds “it is very rewarding to inspire students and to work with them and to learn from them!” A leader in art and design education, Hendriks challenges students through a trans-disciplinary curriculum that explores design methods. She molds their curiosity and helps them craft their own expertise, within the context of cultural and technological change.

Spacer fabrics

From 2008 - 2009 the focus of NHtextileDD shifted to explore 3-dimensional fabrics. This amazing new development in textiles offered new possibilities to designers and exiting products for our customers. In cooperation with Hybrids and Fusion I developed new applications, like laptop bags and health bags.


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